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1) Engage your clutch at the lowest possible rpm's and still not kill your engine. I have seen so many guys start their engines and rev them wide open and engage their clutches. Big no no unless you like to replace them. Basically operate it like your truck. Can you imagine dropping it in gear at full rpm's? Or dropping the clutch at full rpm's? This stretches out the belts on mowers with hand clutch machines or electric clutches.

2) Disengage your clutch at an idle, most electric clutches act as a brake.

3) Let your engine warm up a bit before running it at full rpm's.

4) Let it cool down a bit before shutting down.

5) Don't shut it off at full rpm's.

6) Keep an extra set of belts and blades with you at all times, sure saves a trip to the shop or dealer. Down time sucks.

7) Don't slide a gas can across a plastic bed liner. It causes static electricity.

8) Be safe and keep safety features in place.

This is a few, but does anyone have other things to add?
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