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I have seen those pumps used for transfer (no sand) but not for spraying.
The psi will be lower, youll be walking slower. I think that is a impeller not a
diaphragm pump. 1-4 lbs of sand per gal will put some serious wear on the
impeller & housing. As the clearence between the two incresses, preformance will drop rapidly. Hose lenght will be limited. I dought it will even
spray a heavy sand load. My Graco diaphragm pump just finished its 6th
season with zero problems.
Thick sealer + 3lbs of sand per = a long lasting job with an antislip surface.
Time has shown us the only way to mix thick sealer is a steel shaft,arms and
rubber wipers. A recirculating system will not mix thick sealer correctly.
A square tank (agine time tested) wont work for thick sealer.

Just my 2 cents. Hope it was helpful to you.

Oh, you wanted to hear somthing good about sure looks nice.
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