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In the manual for my Snapper hydro, it clearly states in bold writing to engage the PTO at full rpm's. I asked the dealer what was the correct procedure, and he also said at full rpm's. I relayed some negative feedback on doing it at full rpm's (from what I read here), and the dude said that the electric clutch is nothing like a manual clutch and should be engaged at full rpm's (I used poping the clutch in your truck at full rpm as an example). So what is the correct procedure? I was also told to pressure wash my machine to increase the life of the machine. I was poking around on the Exmark site, and in the FAQ's section on the site, they say that to pressure wash is a big no-no. Do you guys pressure wash at the end of the day? Not trying to start anything, I just want to do what is best for my equipment.
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