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Another Tip

When you name a thread on Lawnsite, name it something on the list of searches on my Lawnsite Search Link Page. This way it will show up when someone does a search. For example, I named this one Tips so when someone goes to my links page and clicks on Tips from Members, this one and 38 other thread turn up. From getting tipped for good work, to tips on striping lawns. There tips on equipment, blade sharpening, and blade tip speed.

If you name a thread "I have a question" like some do, it won't show up unless we do a search on Question, so just put in what the question is. For example: "I have a question on ZTR's" This way it will show up when you click on ZTR's on my search page.

I just thought I would try to make it easier for all members.

I do have more things to add to this Tips Thread, but I will let other members throw in their tips.

Keep it going, there are some good ones here.
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