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more tips

1, Keep a tow-rope or chains in the truck, for when you dump the mower in a pond or get stuck.

2, When blowing/cleanups check for open windows or doors. I've known way to many people who forgot to check and lost the contract when the customer has leaves/grass/dust in the house.

3, Look out for poison Ivy.

4, Always have buisness cards on hand.

5, Cary a can of wasp spray in truck. For when you hit a hive, customers love it when you spray them so thier kids can play outside. And you dont have to worry about them next week. I swear thoes suckers remember you.

6, Cary a tool box in the truck or bolt a locking one to your trailler. Remember to include belts, and extra pins.

7, If you loose a pins but dont have extras on hand trimmer line works untill you make it back. darn brake/clutch pins get lost to often.

8, Keep a extra trimmer head/spool in the truck.

9, Remember to make shure your mower will fit past that gate when pricing the job.

10, Make sure everything on truck and trailer is secure. And drive safe, look out for thoes idiots who are blind when it comes to your trailer.
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