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Welcome to the site you will find a lot of helpful information here. I just started last year but I am happy to help where I can. I chose to buy new equipment mower, trimmer, edger and blower. I didn't get the hedge trimmer when I bought everything else (didn't think that I would need it yet but, I was wrong) so I just picked up a used one later. I chose to buy a 36" walk behind (Husqvarna) because it fits easily through a small fence opening in a back yard where you can't get a z-turn. You will get 1,000 different answers as to what the best brand is but I really like the Husqvarna mower and it came with a really good warranty. Everything else that I bought was Echo brand and I am very pleased with that equipment as well. There is nothing wrong with buying used stuff just as long as it has been well maintained. A really good place to look for used equipment is the Tampa Bay Machinery Auction. They are located about an hour west of you but it is worth the drive. They have a site but I dont know it off the top of my head do a search and you will find it. There are benefits that come with new equip. besides warranty like dealer support. Do your homework and shop around for a dealer near you. When you go there ask questions find out if they have a loaner program if your equipment breaks down and see if they service the equipment on site. If my equip takes more than 24hrs to fix my dealer gives me a loaner. If they seem like they don't want answer your questions or don't have time for you then get back in your car and go to the next place. Make them earn your business. As far as a trailer goes, if you are planning on doing mulch jobs or cleanups you need to get a good quality trailer so dont go for the $599.99 special if you can help it. I would go with a dual axle trailer about12' x 6' if you can. Mine is a single axle and I have definatley put a strain on on more than one occasion. Just having equipment does not make you an expert do your homework read books on lawcare and landscaping and read the forums. I think that the ones that study their business stay in business. When you do start, make sure that quality is job #1 and charge according, if you do quality work the word of mouth business that you receive will surprise you. I hope that this helps if you have any questions you can pm me or email

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