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You are correct. How much do you get for your hand drawn design work now. If you are not charging for design work, you are missing out on a very important value service. My design work starts at $500 and goes up substantially depending on the amount of time and effort involved in a design. The drawing is a small part of the whole design process, but is the most visible except for any 3D imaging presentations. A typical design presentation with imaging, blueprint and plant data for a typical suburban property runs from $1500 to about $3000. Hardscaping, structures, pools, spas, ponds, fountains and unusual site condition elevate the price due to research and time spent.

Yes, you can do pools, spas and most any type of water feature you can imagine. For the 3D imaging, it's fantastic. As for the plan view, I have still quite a bit to learn, but also like to have the whole plan in front of me on the drafting table to gain the complete perspective of the property I am working on. You can create a base plan, print it and work on the whole drawing, then perhaps recreate what you have drawn with the program for the client.

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