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dont ig up the 2 acres of weeds! simply spray the entire area with roundup then put a thin layer of top soil.(thats where a skid streer will come in handy) if you try to dig up all those weeds chances are that you will leaves alot of rooys in the ground and they will sprout right back up through the nice new grass. as for watering i beleave its nelson that mower a sprinkler that can move around the yard using the hose as a trck and guide of where to go. there at least a few hundread for the bigger one but well worht the money. my neighbor used one for after they reseeded there acre lawn and it made it so easy... all they had to do was go out there once a day and lay the hose around the yard where they wanted the sprinklr to go and leave it.... the yard gets waderd without doing anything... the sprinkler moves so slow that it waters very deeply.
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