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this rain is starting to piss me off.....<p>At my full time job, we can't mow our airfield because its so dam wet and it won't dry up. Grass is tall today and can only imagine what it will be like by the time it all dries out (airport is all wetlands to begin with) We're gonna be mowing 7 days instead of 3 and then have to turn right around and start the whole process right over again. Not looking forward to it. We always get slammed on our first cut. <p>Part time, (where my money is involved), I can't take it. Working a new lawn install at a site that is wet naturally and am getting no where quick. Rented a tractor for this past weekend and ended up doing more damage than good. Can't take much more of this. <p>I'll never do a job like this one in April again......<p>steveair<br>
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