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&quot;Dear Lord,<br>Thank you for the many hidden blessings you give us each day;<br>Thank you for strength each day to get up & be out & about, rather than be in the hospital racking up a huge medical bill.<br>Thank you for mental strength to go about daily lives, as some see the outside world only by looking thru a window all day.<br>Thank you for the entrepeneurial drive you give a select few, to break out of comfort zones & carve a name for themselves & take charge of their own lives, while others work 9 to 5 for someone else & complain, but stay there.<br>Thank you for the smarts to use our brains during down times to catch up on paperwork, new bids, maintenance, other odd jobs we can't do when we're busy, etc. <br>Thank you for the rain, although it may seem excessive, because it means we have a promise of work to look forward to, rather than last year's drought, which meant little to NO work for weeks at a time. <br>Finally, thank you for this week, in which many will celebrate the death, burial, & resurrection of Jesus, which gives hope & fulfillment in life to many, & helps give peace of mind during adverse times such as these.&quot; Amen.<br>Thought I might say a prayer for us Lawncare profession guys, to send down a blessing or two, free of charge, to help us out.<br>I'm not pointing any fingers; they're pointing back at me. I tend to gripe as much as the next guy. It is important to vent frustration; after my venting, I've had this down time to think about what I HAVE been blessed with in life already. I remember how bad it got with last year's drought. 2 months of mowing places once a month-that hurt. All the more reason to get my fertilization license, too. That will at least meter it out a little.<br>I knew (but hoped for the best) that I ran this risk when I jumped full time into lawncare/landscaping this year; dealing with what &quot;mother nature&quot; gives us is always a gamble. I'm just always looking into things to supplement weather extremes (that aren't weather-dependant).<br>Have a good week, & keep your chin up- We're the envy (most times) of the mundane workaday world!<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><br>
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