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The best I can explain at this point is your ins. carrier will tally up you total $ amnt of (portable)equipment. The best rate I've gotten thus far is $250/yr. for coverage on $10,000-$15,000 of equip. The deductable on this would be $250.00.

I guess its basicly geared toward accidental damage to equip.- ie: backing up over your deck mower etc...

Now- I do know of several volunteer organizations that have this type of coverage (Fire Depts. , ambulances, etc.) without any deductable.

This is where my partner and I are at opposites- My own personal carrier does not offer such a policy- as opposed to my partner who runs a vol. organization that holds a $0.00 deductable policy on all portable equipment. This is where i am stumped??? I was wondering what is the "NORM" among Landscapers...


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