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I'm slowly learning to trust my wife's instincts, I tend to hope for the best(or trust them to much) in people. I'll give you a perfect example that I had asked for advise about in the Snowplowing discussion area last fall.
He's some background. My best friend, was also supposed to be my best man in wedding, had approched me with a client list for snowplowing,(names, adresses, prices) from a contractor that had gone under durring the summer, a friend of his. He asked me to try to sell the work, to the best of my recollection, how the money was to be divided was not discussed, but my bus. name was to be on all the contracts. I sold the work to the best of my ability, got around 25% of it. I asked my friend how he wanted to get paid, what he felt was fair to divided up, and told him I needed proff of insurance(commercial auto at least). He said he didn't have the proper insurance, and wanted to add up all the plowing, what I had sold for him, plus my own contracts, plus his, and he wanted half or at least 45% of the total gross. He said thats what I had agreed to, I said no way would I have agreed to that. I told him to think it over, while I ran numbers, and talked to my insurance co.(he refused to get commercial auto, also his drivers went on his policy, he was paying them cash, & no worker comp). I got as many opions as I could, I was in a bad place, my wife said buy another truck, do the work, give him a little money for the referals. I decided against her advise, wrote a letter ot to the customers, stating he would be assuming responsibity & liability for the work & kept 10% for office & sales work. Now the damage has to be fixed guess what, he's not fixing it. To boot he bailed on my wedding 2 weeks before, needless to say I lost the friendship I tried so hard to save. I will more than likly end up doing the repair work,9
(eating the cost to save face with the customers).
To make matters worse one of the contracts was a HOA, that I do the lanscaping on, & was a 2 year deal that I now have to tell him fix the damages or I will write them a letter stating we are doing the repairs (pay us damage retainer & we will be taking on plowing for next year).
What I am trying to get at is I would have been so much better off if I had just written off the friendship in the first place & bought the another truck, plus I would have made more money. I'm learning.
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