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Well, mine is a bit large to e-mail or send. The plan should be a functional document - not a painting that once you're finished, you put on the mantel only to look at occasionally.

Go to the library, check with your local SCORE rep, see how some are layed out. Decide what info you want in there, and what you're purpose for it is. Is it to show to banks for loans (BTW, for smallish loans, they didn't seem to care about my biz plan, just that I would back up the loan personally)? Or are you trying to attract some investors? Then you'll want to do your homework.

I use mine primarily for reminding myself of where I want the company to go (sometimes you get caught in the day-to-day and lose sight of the forest, seeing only the trees). Mine also has all kinds of chicken scratch in it and addenda, for the modifications I've made. It helps me to crystallize annual goals, modify plans to realize those goals.

Hit the library, and good luck!
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