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Originally Posted by NattyLawn
I don't think anyone that comes to this forum regularly is disputing the fact that chemicals are quicker. Easier, I don't know, but it requires a little more knowledge and problem solving skills to be an organic applicator.
If using IPM and organics makes me a tree hugger, so be it...The hardcore chemical guys see no middle and only extremes...You're either a tree hugger or gung-ho chemical.
No. I am well acquainted with the benefits of using organics. And have much experience with the chemicals. I have no problem with the guys trying to go strictly organic, except when they try to BS others on the ease and speed necessary to do it 'all' organically.

I would say that doing a good job organically OR with the help of chemicals takes knowledge and problem solving tools. If you are using IPM, especially on your newest properties, I wouldn't call you a tree hugger - I would say you are on the right track.

Anyone in the business who refuses to recognize the benefits of using organic based fertility has no agronomic sense. Anyone in the business who thinks the majority of homeowners have the patience to wait on a totally organic program has no business sense.

I would urge all to keep an open mind to successfully run their lawn care businesses.....
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