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Too Much For KUBOTA?

I have a 2004 kubota diesel 4x4 37.something HP it has a woods loader. i am becoming a salt dealer and need to move pallets of bags that are 2500lbs. I know i have lifted 1500+ lbs. i have forks for the 3 pt hitch that i put a skid of pavers on as a counter weight while doing alot of lifting. i just want to know if it will work before i buy pallet forks for the loader. i am sure it will lift them off the ground because the hydros are very strong but i need to load customers trucks and trailers and unload the delivery semi. The question i have is if anyone else has lifted (on level gravel surface) a whole pallet about 2500 lbs. with one of these and how they manage?
With the new truck, becoming a salt dealer, and looking to move out i cant afford the skid steer i would love to have. a used tow motor will slide everywhere on the gravel drive with snow and ice, and would have to be sold after i get a skidsteer.
Thank you for any help or suggestions.
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