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Originally Posted by DJ Contracting
Keepoffthegrass The unit that you are looking at will work for you if your looking to get into the business, from experience the unit should last you two or three seasons with changing the pump diaphragm once, cost to put one together if you can find a tank for under $100.00 should be around $700.00 - $800.00. I bought the pump (Inteck transfer pump 5.5 hp) for $239.95 @ Tractor supply. The green hoses that are shown in the picture can also be bought @ TSC, i used 3/4 hose and also built my spray wand out of 3/4 gal.pipe. to make this short i belive i bought just about everything @ TSC and Homedepot. In the short time (Sept.and Oct) that i used it i made just shy of 10 grand so i'm looking for a good year next season, remember this unit will make you enough money to buy the commercial if you continue in the business, good luck. Joe

THANKS DJ, now that spring is near i will probably be asking you alot of questions as i piece this thing together! Good luck on growing your bus.
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