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I just bought a 3320 JD with the eHydro transmission and it is truly AWESOME! No shifting gears is like a dream come true. I can't wait to get it out on our bigger mulch jobs and save a ton of time. I almost bought the "Reverser" transmission but I special ordered the eHydro and had to wait a few weeks on it but i'm so glad I did. The eHydro is only a $825 option and I would strongly encourage you to get that set up. I got mine with a 300CX loader and a MX-5 cutter. I have played with it quite a bit here at home and the more I work with it the more capable I find the machine to be. Take a trip up here to Asheville and check out the guy's at Parkway Tractor (828-687-8666 and ask for Curtis) they will treat you right, they really want to sell tractors. I bought mine for less than a comparable Massey or New Holland.
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