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thanks for the reply, The e-hydro is our only option for transmissions in the cab. We buy our deeres from Byrd's Tractor in Burlington. 4600 (40hp) and 7520 (120 hp) already own. I know John Deere makes a great tractor they always have. I'm not knocking Kubota either. As for a open cab tractor the Grand L series is great. But we bought the Cab Grand L last April and I has been great to us. We checked out the Deere Cab last trip to Byrd's and there is no comparison. It's like comparing the interior of a 1979 Volkswagon Beetle to a 2005 F-250 Lariat. I am still concerned about the hydro. The model we speced has automotive style cruise and speed match. Alot of button pushing. We use the tractor for pulling a 8 foot rotary cutter. a 16foot grain drill with cultipacker. A 6 foot harley rake, 6 foot box blade, 6 foot plugger, 24 inch auger for the majority of uses. For loader work I would agree the hydro is great, but I;m not sure about in the agriculutral applications. We can't demo a cab version of the 4320. They only have a 3820 or something like that, the cab is the same on both though. I'm thinking we are going to demo a open cab to get a feel for the tranny.
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