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Dave wrote:<p>&gt; We may just go ahead and walk this year. <p>Your NUTZ. I have tranny problems because<br>I am 260 lbs and I live in a hilly area.<p>You are a flat lander and if you can keep you<br>operators under 160 lbs the transmissions<br>might not even break.<p>Let me tell you point blank dave you NEED a <br>pair of sulkys. The sulky will pull you around all day in high gear. At the end of the day you won't feel like a dishrag.<br>You can only walk 3 mph average.<p>Buy rocket wheels for $300. It looks like<br>the best one on the market right now IMHO.<p>If you have to spend $180 for a new tranny every season it is still cheaper than blowing<br>out your knees.
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