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grass cape wrote:<p>&gt;I have the toro steerable sulky on my gear drive.<br>I am on the second transmission, and <br>6th set of belts<br>400hrs.<p>400 hours is just about right. The needle bearings for the input shaft takes a holiday.<br>But the are not too costly and easily replaced. What happens is the tranny input shaft becomes SO loose that the traction belt<br>jumps right off the tranny input shaft drive pulley.<p>I HAD one of the those self steering sit down<br>sulkys. I bought one ten years ago with a new WB. Because of the steering mech hung so low off the back of the machine it was always<br>getting hung up when unloading. <p>Try a rocket wheels sulky.<p>I hope you saved some of the belts instead of throwing them away. If you adjust the<br>complete handle forward you will pick up <br>adjustment on the upper tension rods and<br>will pick up another inch of belt usage.<p>By adjusting the handle to it's highest position it is the easiest to operate with<br>a stand on sulky.<p>Always make sure you have a good spare tranny ready to install.<br>This keeps your downtime to a min.<br>
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