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Hello all,

Here is a little more background information on Aquascape Designs, Inc. We started out in '91 building ponds in the Chicagoland area. The owner of the company had been building ponds as a hobby for a number of years and was not happy with the filtrations systems out there. He decided to make one of his own. This started with a garbage can skimmer. Over the years this has been expanded and improved to the Skimmer and BIOFALLS&#174 product that you see today. All these products have been designed and tested out in the field, where we still install about 125 ponds a year, with just one 6-man crew.

As for the Seminars, we just got sick and tired of people telling us that they couldn't build a pond in just one day like we did. They had a million excuses, soil too hard, crew not good enough, etc... So we decided that we would come to their state and show them how and why they could build an 11' x 16' pond in 1 day. That is how our annual Build a Pond Day seminar tour started. We will be kicking this yearís tour off in the beginning of September. We expanded the BAP tour into an indoor seminar tour held every other year. The Selling Waterfeatures tour basically goes over everything about the ponds with a lot of time spent on selling and promoting ponds.

Parade of Ponds. This is an annual event held in Chicago where about 150 of our pond customers open up their yards to ~1500 people to see their ponds. This year the POP is going to be Saturday July 21 and Sunday July 22. The Friday before and the Monday after 2 BAP's will be held. All of you contractors are encouraged to come out and join in the party. You'll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and ideas after seeing all the ponds.

I hope this helps out the introductions and I hope that this forum becomes a great place to learn more about all types of watergardens and ponds. If you would like more information please go to or you can email me


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Aquascape Designs
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