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I have a degree in business administration, but I would have learned more about being in business from a 15 minute conversation with John. Good writing John. I started because I thought I could do it better than the guys I was working for. I quickly learned that self employment isn't really about good craftsmanship, it's about good business. What I learned in school taught me to be a cog in a large machine. It didn't teach me much at all about self employment.
I started with a one ton dump truck and some hand tools. One important thing I did have was a lot of good contacts and a reputation as a good craftsman among those contacts. Perserverance has helped a lot. I have dealt with a lot of obstacles, and sometimes I still feel like quitting, but the plan is really starting to roll now (6 years in). Now a big portion of my job is to help my guys figure out how to overcome all the obstacles we encounter daily.
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