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In early March I went with Lesco "Pre-M"erge and 10-10-10 for some green up then I went with Scotts Weed and Feed. My lawn looks the best it's ever looked and not much work. I have to admit it's the darkest green on the whole road and we've had very little rain. The people that went with triple 17 around here are paying for it now with burned up lawns. That Scotts is really some fine granule stuff and if your grass is wet enough it will stick and not bounce off.

I saw a prime example of mowing at the correct height. There's 2 houses about 2 years old near me. One has some excellent grass for only 2 years old the other is about the worst looking thing I've ever seen. He mows about an 1"-1.5" high all the time. I know the guy is scratching his head trying to figure it out. I've been tempted to stop and give him some pointers but not sure how he would take it. He just reseeded about 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen the first blade come up in the completely bare spots.
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