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I had to carry a union card and pay dues for 10 years in my previous life.It did
not make me a better laborer-in fact they discouraged me bettering myself.That
is why I put a mower in the trunk of my car.I did not know much but was willing to ask questions of the old-timers out there.One of those old timers wanted me to buy his business and worked with me for a year.That was probably the best
education I could have gotten.I have been in business for 26 years now and
am one of the old timers.Treat me reasonably and I will answer your questions.Collin,you got some good advise and I hopre you learn enough
to be featured in Turf Magazine in 5 years as a new star!Only dumb
or stupid question is one that goes unasked.Everyone who is making fun
dirtiee their diaper some years back!
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