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Originally Posted by Collin
How do you get real green grass? I picked up two HOA's that are in bad shape. The grass is brown. How and where do I start?
Originally Posted by YardPro
you gotta be kidding????

you took on two commercial accounts and you are asking this question.....

first what kind of grass is it??? if you don't know you're in way over your head....

if it is centipede, zoysia or bermuda it is dormant.. only way to make it look green is to overseed with rye or paint it...

POSTED BY COLLIN]I do know that it is bermuda grass and I have been doing this for twenty years. I was just asking to see if anyone has a few pointers

I would have thought if you where doing this for 20 years, YOU would have given more information! I think you are in over your head, but that's only my opinion from your post on this thread
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