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Originally Posted by gene gls
Go to a good sport shop that has some one knowledgable about fly fishing and ask them to set you up with an outfit. Ask them to explaine the set up and how it works. It gets expensive so start out with an all purpose light weight 8' rod. Go to a lake with lots of open space and try to catch pan fish. As you progress with your skills then specialize with your equipment and different kinds of fish. There is a knack to flipping a fly, some have it and some never get it.

Good advice,also find someone that knows how to cast and go to a local park and just practice your technique, I believe that is the most common problem for people just starting, it can be frustrating to try and teach yourself.
As for equipment I would say an 8' or an 8',6" rod in a 5/6 wt would get you started and maybe start with a double taper line. and don't practice on the pavement ! yes I have seen people do this and it is very hard on a flyline.
See if you have a "trout unlimited" chapter nearby, should be plenty of people there that would offer advice.
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