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Originally Posted by fyshstykr
oops! yea I should have said in the summer on those long, long, days. does it seem weird to have days last for 20 hours? how long have you lived there?
I was born here in the 50's. I've lived here all my life except for a few years after high school. I have spent a fair amount of time out of the country doing different things, but Alaska was my home base.

Since I was raised here, the long days and nights don't bother me, but it does bother a lot of people. I actually love the long days in the summer, I don't need as much sleep then and you can spend a lot more time doing whatever.

Where I work on the Arctic Coast, the sun just spins around in a circle during part of the never drops below the horizon. In winter we have some time where it never comes above the horizon.
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