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Ahh yes, you can't upset the contractor!! They are probably good friends with the mayor or head of the city council, which is how and why they got the cotract to begin with. Dr. Indyk, a professor at Rutgers and one of the leading authorities on athletic fields once told me this:
"There is never $250,000 to do it right the first time. But they will always be able to find $500,000 a few years later to fix it"
Try and work with your coaches, and the athletic directors. The drill and fill is a great method. I would use sand, not Turface though. Buy a good, evenly sized particle, like greens grade sand. The Turface is a clay product and will break down over time, forming back into clay. Sand will stay sand. I know some guys whio have tilled crumb rubber into the soil too, mostly in the goal mouths. This was supposed to help alot with compaction.
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