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That's good advise UPIDSTAY. I like the idea of crumb rubber because we have some and it makes better sense as it won't compact over time. Shattercore or deep tine aeration is a quick fix but we have to contract that out. I plan to do this in the fall at the end of the season along with top dressing. This field is used by students for general rec, the soccer teams (men & women), and the lacrosse teams. It's in the middle of campus and is also the main highway between dorms and class/food.
I have read some stuff by Dr. Indyk but Dr. McNitt, Penn State, is who I follow when it comes to turf management. He's very practicle and speaks in a laymans way. And, small point, he's less expensive to seek advise from.

Marc, we also had the sand laterals for drainage and in the beginning they worked. But after time, rain and use, they became less effective in moving water away from the center of the field. Now, we are looking at other more permenant drainage. Yep... $150k more to fix a problem that should have been fixed (and the main reason for the project in the first place) the first time. Ahh, the wisdom of the powers-to-be!!
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