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I am looking at the Exmark and Scag 48&quot; hydro walk behind with floating deck and 17hp Kawasaki engine. They are within $50 of each other, so price doesn't matter. I am trying to figure out which one to buy.<br>The Exmark uses Synthetic transmission fluid, which seems good. Also, the machine seems slightly better built.<br>The Scag uses an electric clutch, which seems better. Also, the Scag dealer seems like a better guy to deal with.<br>Any recommendations as to which machine is the one to buy?? I would prefer concrete reasons, as opposed to &quot;BUY A SCAG.&quot; If one has a better transmission, that is a good reason. If one is easier to squeeze the handles, etc. Also, if anyone has put them side-by-side, which cuts better? Right now it seems like I should just pick my favorite color and buy it!!
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