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I would buy the Exmark over the Scag. Simple reason...I had a Scag, fixed deck 48&quot;. it would not cut level, it would leave &quot;steps&quot; in the lawn, and it would stand straight up on hills from lack of weight in the front. They let me use a 48&quot; hydro while they decided what to do about mine, it was a little better but not much. They sent me a replacement after 4 months and it was just slightly better than the original. None of them would cut bahia grass worth a $h!t. I realize you will not be cutting much bahia grass, that is just an example . Put it this way I bought a 36&quot; Exmark for back yards, and while it is by no means a fast machine, it would cut circles around the 48&quot; Scag I had. I sold the Scag for 65% of what I paid for it. It had 60 hours when sold.<p>Now, I realize you are referring to a floating deck, and the problems may not affect the floater. But this experience left me questioning Scag all together, ya know what I mean.<p>Like Lawrence said, look at a ztr, they ain't much more.<p>If you are set on getting a walk behind look at a 52&quot; instead, i think you would be happier with it. While it appear to be only 4&quot; bigger, it is an entirely different machine.<p><p>
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