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i say try them both and then decide. thats the best way to go about it. i did not know that exmark came w/o an electric clutch, or did am i mistaken? i have used both eletric and non-electric clutch walkbehinds. i like the eletric much more. much easier to use and saves on the belts. plus the new switch on the SCAG is even better. <br>dealer service is a big thing, try to stay with one so you get the best deals possible. <br>i own two SCAG's and have been happy with both. i have never used an exmark. so i have nothing to say about their mowers. all i can compare is the color, and i like the orange better. their red is nice though, but it all fades anyways, less with proper care.<br>the turf tiger i have runs great, cuts great and no problems through 250 hours its first year. very stable and productive and i like the foot height adjust, i can lift the deck while not stoping.<br>i have a SW48-17KA, the 17hp kawi is much better then the 14 kawi, starts very easy runs smoother and obviuosly more power. the front end is lite, its only a 48, but the model you are looking at, the Ultimate, is much heavier up front. i can lift up my front end very easy while the Ultimate needs some muscle. <br>the hydro capacity one running 4 quarts (SCAG) while exmark has synthetic and holds one quart. not sure either way. the synthetic will hold up in high heat better, but i dont think that would matter. i think if the temp got that high the pumps or motors would be hurt'n. but i dont know too much on hydro systems. <br>good luck, and like they said, a ZTR will be twice as produtive.<p>
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