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I bought one of these units 4 years ago. It paid for itself in a month. Then if has just been profit since then. It added a whole new dimension to my business. Most all my mowing customers have me sealcoat the driveway in the spring. Best investment I have ever made. I don't know why people cut it down it does a great job and I can do a normal 2X2 driveway in 30 minutes. I think it is because they feel you have to pay alot of money to get the same quality they do. And before you ask I use 2 pounds of sand per gallon and 1 gallon of tarmax. Never had a minutes trouble with it spraying fourth year on my motor, but I think I am going to have to call StarSeal this year for a new motor.

Don't let everyone talk you out of trying this it really does work!!

Here guys I will post this for you too.
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