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Are you sure its a 4 ft diam. tree?<p>that is very BIG!<p>Just want to check.<p>If you are going to do this, and the contract is signed, how are you going to remove the wood. 4 ft pieces are HUGE. You'll be cutting forever, and still, the pieces will be HUGE. <p>I don't how you would split those even.<p>Are you renting a chipper also?<p>or can you discard all the branches on site?<p>What type of tree is it? (should of asked this first) <p>If its that big, it may have value. You may be able to get someone who will PAY YOU for all the logs and do all the work. If this is the case, DON'T start cutting. YOU will need full size logs to sell it. You could get away with doing nothing, getting paid for the job, and then getting paid for the wood. Big $. Definitely investigate if you haven't. <p>steveair<p><p><br>
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