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Hardy: I'm in northeastern washington. I didn't measure the tree, but am guessing it is 4'. Hold your arms out in a full circle, that's about how big around the tree is.<p>I went saw shopping today. Think I found a screaming good deal. At a local pawn shop, there are three stihl saws. All in nice shape. There's a 044 for $150, a 066 for $150, and can't remember the number of the third, possibly 075 or 088 can't remember for sure that one is $175. The big one is a beast though, way too much saw, need a loader tractor to pick it up. I'm seriously considering buying all three, they are so damn cheap. I could sell the two bigger ones and keep the 044, which would be like getting the 044 for free. I honestly don't think the pawn shop know what they are worth. 40 miles away in town of 300,000 I saw another 044 in a pawn shop selling for $320.<p>The person at the pawn shop said that all 3 saws were brought in by the same guy that was going through a divorce. All 3 saws are in great shape.
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