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You said you don't have to worry about the stump.<p>I can't see how that can be. <p>Do you have a machine there to move it. I guess you could cut it up, but 20 chains later you may be finished. With a tree that big, it has got to be a monster. <p>We had a multistem willow do the same, biggest trunk was around 20 inch diam. The root ball was giant. Took me 2 hours to get it out of the ground (and yes, it was uprooted half way already) with a case 580. When I got it out, Had to drag it with the hoe and machine. It was huge.<p>We tried to load it, just for a good laugh. The case just moaned. wouldn't even lift it a hair. We had to get our lo-ed (fork truck) to lift it in the back of a single axle. <p>I'm just curious on how you got rid of the stump, or if you are planning on leaving it there.<p>By the way, If you are done, how long did it take you when it was all finished. Is is just you, or do you have some help? Curious to know. Sounds like a real back buster moving logs that big.<p>steveair<br>
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