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Steve,<p>I think you nailed it on the head with the stump issue. Still scrathcing my head on what to do with it. It is huge. When I bid the job, I didn't spend enough time figuring all the variables involved. Hungry for work, so i've been taking any and all that come my way. A chainlink fence was installed right next to the tree. When the tree came down it lifted up the fence, the root ball is on one side of fence, tree on other with fence going over trunk. The only good thing about this is, I can cut the trunk off the ball, and leave the ball on other side of fence, it's on a undeveloped property.<p>I started on the project yesterday. Put about 6 hours in. Today I did some mowing because we're expecting rain all weekend. Tomorrow I'll go back and should finish. The client's niece wants the wood now. So I will be leaving it. She also said not to move the logs, just cut them and let them lay, the niece's husband can deal with moving them. So that is a bonus. All I have to do is cut the trees up, and haul off the limbs. Which is a big enough job in itself. <p>By the way I bought that Stihl 044. Great saw, plenty of power.
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