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Geo-<p>The IS/Z has the lowest center of gravity in its class. If you mow flat land, this isn't even an issue. If you mow on hills, it is a big issue. <p>If a machine is top heavy it has a tendency to want to go down the hill. If the weight is distributed lower, it will have more weight over the drive wheels.<p>Some of the accounts I am talking about I can mow &quot;through the ditch&quot; others are still as steep, but are much narrower and must be mowed along the ditch.<p>Stone- I was given the opportunity to beat their current lowball price of $275 per month for three properties. I passed since my work doesn't come that cheap. They were all different sizes, one about 6,000 and another maybe 1/2 acre. I would not have done them for less than twice that price. Everyone has his price, though. I had another one, 3/4 acre Super 8 motel, wanted me to do it for $80 per month. HAHAHAHA. What do these people think? <p>Also, the Toro is &quot;less than ideal&quot; on hills that you must traverse horizontally (short, steep drainage ditches). The tiny drive wheels are part of the problem, along with the fact it is a 36&quot; which is a terribly narrow stance to expect much traction on a hill.<p>Ferris knows how to build a hydro walkbehind. This should be no surprise. Until they put it in their machine in the 80's, all the walkbehinds were belt drives. I almost forgot, you don't own a hydro, do you? You said before, why, but I have forgotten.<p>It amazes even me how much I have learned in such a short time. Of course, in all fairness, I have been in the business much longer than one year. I took a long hiatus, but spent several years in the business previously. Now I have the one thing I didn't have back then. The best type of equipment available for each specific job.<p>Also, don't be so quick to discount my expertise. Admittedly, you spend very little time pursuing this part of the business and I probably spend a disproportianately large amount of time on &quot;fact finding missions.&quot;<p><br>If I had your mechanical abilities to repair machines, I would not know much about new, either. However, it would be too costly and time consuming for me to learn at this point, even if I had the interest.&lt;p&gt;John<br>
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