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I gotta agree with thelawnguy. Unless you have managed to change the laws of physics there is NO WAY you can mow anything approaching 60 deg slopes. Flame me all you want, but those claims are full of BS! A house roof with a 12/12 pitch is a 45 deg slope. You cannot stand on one even with good shoes and the grit of the shingles. Don;t tell me I'm a foll here unless you can put an angle guage on your fictitous 60 and 70 degree slopes. Now if you were talking percentage of grade that might work. Grade percentage is expressed in feet of rise in 100 feet of run. A 45 degree slope is a 100% grade, it goes up 100 feet for every 100 ft of horizontal travel. I'm not real positive on the conversions, but a 70 PERCENT slope is probably mowable, with extreme caution.
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