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Lazer, once again, I have to agree with you. The roofers would like this. 85 degrees is a steeper angle than I would even want to walk up a ladder to do the roofing. I used to do roofing and a 9-12 pitch is about the most I will even attempt to walk on a roof, which is aproximately a 37 degree angle. A 12-12 pitch is a 45 degree angle and you need cleats nailed to the roof to stay up there. When I climb a ladder, I put it at about 75 degrees or less to be safe while climbing. There is no way I would set a ladder up at 85 degrees and climb it unless it was tied at the top, or it will come over backwards before you can get to the top. Grass won't grow on anything that steep. I will go along with a mower climbing 45 degress, but that's hairy. I used to mow a hill about that steep, but a 85 degree incline, you would need cliff climbing gear to get up it. As I'm writing this I'm looking at my Swanson Speed Square, and as all of us know, 90 degrees is straight up, 85 degrees is like a wall that is leaning just a fuzz, next thing to straight up. Your mowers may come down a cliff that angle, but it will be messed up when it hits the bottom.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<p>
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