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Thank you brucec32!

I agree with what you have to say 100%. I too see all the stupid and rather dumb labor practices that you mentioned if not more...there's just too many to name. Now I'm no expert in the field, but I do know what I'm doing and how costs affect bottom line. Im only 17 and have been doing this lawn cutting gig since I was 10 to earn money for college. I started out small, by myself in the neighborhood. Then i got some commerical properties, got insurance, better equipment, and had to have my dad help me on the weekend's who has always willingly helped me out when I'm in need of help. The past year I took on a large multi-site contract, mowing over 100+ acres a week. I did it in addition to my other sites with 3 employees working 40 or less hours per week (one to cut with the wide area (batwing) mower, one to cut with a ZTR mower for tight areas and entry ways for a nice look, and another to handle trimming when needed (used growth regulator), along with edging, trash pickup, etc - odd jobs., leaving myself out to do administration work and other things a normal high school senior would do (varsity sports, study (4.0+ GPA, etc.). What brucec32 said is right. Many groups use way too much man power and are inefficent. The technology is out there. use it and don't worry about rasing minimum wage. Also, as time goes on, so do your rates, so don't be scared to raise your rates alittle every year. Everyone else does - look at your insurance for example...
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