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That's good advise getmow.<p>It takes $350 min. for me to work solo on a<br>Sat. or Sunday.<p>The reason for the $350 figure is what the payout to win for motorcycles at the local<br>drag strip on sunday. I have a 1974 Z-1<br>supergas (9.90) bike. I made in from a $200<br>basketcase back in 1989. The track operator<br>lets me keep it at the track in the base<br>of the tower. That way I can keep the metric<br>tools, co2 tank for the air clutch/shifter,<br>with my helmet and leathers in the trunk of<br>my car. This way I don't have to drive my<br>work truck (no a/c) 50 miles on way to the<br>track.<p>I wish that NHRA would mandate mufflers on all the dragsters, door slammers, and motorcycles next year. There is no need for<br>open pipes just for bracket racing.<p>
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