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Hello Everybody:<p>Tell the Tax Lady to stick to her field of work.<p>There is still a lot of people in the dark about the Lawn Service business.<p>Back in, I think 1988 I decided that I need to get insured & I went to this Insurance company. I told them that I wanted to get business & workers comp. When I told them that, they started laughing at me.<p>The one Insurance agent said well how much grass do you cut, I laughed & said well I've already cut over $130,000 this year. <p>He jumped out out of his chair & said your kidding. I told him to look out the window in the parking lot. He saw 5 of my Employees, 3 trucks & 3 trailers. He about agervated me half to death with questions. I told him to get the figures ready, I had to go eat lunch!<p>A few months later the same thing happened at the bank.<p>This is Amercia anything is possible, it's left up to you!<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
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