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I do the lawn care for an apartment complex that has Japanese Holly bushes. They grow 12&quot;-15&quot; a week. I called the local Ag Extension Office and was told they are probably a variety that is supposed to max out at 12' - 15'. He said all they are trying to do is grow, grow, grow to achieve their designed height.<p>Well I have to trim them every week, and it's a major pain and time consumer.<p>I asked the Ag guy if Lime might do it, but he said no because they really like neutral soil, and here in Tennessee putting lime on our soil just mostly brings it closer to neutral anyway.<p>I was thinking of trying to spray Round-Up on them as an experiment, using a weak solution -- something like ½ ounce per gallon, to see if that might stunt their growth. Of course I don't want to kill them, just slow them down a bit.<p>If anyone out there has a suggestion I'd be willing to try it. <br>
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