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The Lamotte test kit I listed would be very benefitual to someone going totally organic. Most organic compost are lacking in the very nutrients that they are supposed to be replacing in the soil. Without sending the compost material to a test lab, you are only guessing at the amount of actual nutrients you are getting in your manures and composted litter. Now supposed you could walkup to your local compost store and pull a sample of compost and test it the same way you would a soil. You would know right then if you where getting the P/K as well as calcium and sulfur and other micro nutrients that you are needing to get your lawn or garden in shape. It would take a little math but once you new how much and which nutrients your compost contained, you could then figure out how much you actually need to build your soil. You could also mix and match different compost sources until you got the perfect mix that your soils need and never have to buy chemical or bridge products again. Most nutrients in composted materials are root acid soluible and easily converted by the micro's as well as the plant exudates to forms the plant can actually use. Chemical fertiliers and even rock sources of nutrients take much longer to be converted to plant usable sources. mInerals that have already been plant processed are much easier for the plant to convert to food. Anyways, I am just thinking out loud.
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