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Dont know a thing about lawn care

I am an accountant(not a CPA) and have been for many years. I own a franchise to a tax prep service. Through these years I have picked up bookkeeping clients whom I do accounting work for. 95% of these are small business owners and half dozen own lawn care services. 2 are sole props and the rest have 1 to 6 employees. I check into this site so when a client comes in wanting a Dixie Chopper that is going to cost him darn near $10,000 I can at least talk to him like I have heard of it. I hope to learn things from all of you that makes me a better accountant and hope that some of my experience may benefit those reading. I have had to discuss with IRS client issues more than once, it aint fun. But my mind is not as sharp as it once was and to be honest some of the posts here have sent me to the big stack of research books I keep. I have already gained more understanding about lawn care service and some of the pressures it has. By the way, I do my own yard. I have 3 acres and use a Scag 48in walk behind with a 15 hp Kawasaki. I use the walk behind because I have high blood pressure and it is good for me. Wish all a good season of cutting. PennyPincher
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