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Wakesetter give me a call . FYI the distributer is as bad or worst than W&S.

He was/is part of the problem. Parts are like getting a tooth pulled sometimes. I now get most all replacement part via the web, faster and less costly then through our local dealer. NO support at all, look at their web site, its does not even show a hint that they are a Walker dealer. What salesmans am i dealing with? Does it matter? They do not treat these good people with respect and it show it their lack of sales follow through. Look at the turn over in there. I'm not surprised to here that you had trouble with your snowmobile thru workensport. I did not want to post this on my first reply, but i've been trying to support this dealer for six plus years, but all i know of first hand and from most everybody else is = they don't care. The owners are used car sales owners! Really ! Steve (Sweenys) sold about four years ago.. i dont know one LCO that is happy with them. It's worth the ride to the valley or add in shipping, it in would still be cheaper then the price workensport gave you. I Know! they have over 1500 in your price. One last thing. Good luck getting your salesperson today. Monday. Why would a store want to be open on a Monday? Hope u did not need your mower today. Well got to go to work in Bend, It's Monday.
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