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Originally Posted by Richard Martin
I'm not trying to argue with you here but what do you mean by body on the Dixie Chopper? It has a lift off floor pan, the stainless covers over the gas tanks are on hinges so they just fold out of the way (with the tanks attached to them). Even the front cover over the hydro filters and oil tank easily unbolts for easy access.
If that's the case, I stand corrected. When I looked at them, it looked like there was a cover over everything. The dealer was new, and he couldn't show me how to get to anything. That was last summer, and he's not a Dixie Chopper dealer anymore.

It looked like the stainless steel 'body' would show every scratch & ding. It looked more like a kitchen appliance to me, but I realize that has nothing to do with how it functions. Guess I'll have to go look at one again, but now we don't have a local dealer.
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