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Originally Posted by B&D Lawn Care
Flyers, and I posted a flyer w/ rip off tags on the bottom at the local grocery store and have had good response.
i did the same thing when i first got me my first customer. the first time i was cutting her lawn her neighbor came up came up to me and asked if i would do his. by the end of the year i had 5 lawns all in a row just from my first customer. not by word of mouth but by showing up (being reliable) and providing quality work!

my advice is to get your name out there anyway you can (flyers, doorhangers, newspapers, truck magnets/lettering, yard signs). Get a good base of customers, up sell, provide quality work and after a while the jobs will start coming to you. But remember, never stop advertising, it's better to turn down work then to not have any!
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