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Scag is by far the better mower, hands down. I owned a dixie chopper up until last october when i purchased a new wildcat, so i have firsthand comparison knowledge on these two machines.
Having owned both, i can say that the dixie chopper cut is no where near what a scags cut is, not even close. Before i had the scag i beleived my choppers cut was great, until i had the scag to compare it to. Now, i would say the dixies cut is ok to good, but no where near great. The dixie chopper absolutly sucks on hills. The dixie chopper will bounce your a$$ all over the place, will make you sore at days end. Maybe if your a homeowner and you mow once a week for like an hour or two it isnt bad, but when your mowing 10 hours a day all week long, the dixies will punish you, at least on the lawns in my area.
I do like the dixies velvet touch control, and that is about it. The ocdc is a nonfactor, since you can get them mounted on any mower now.
Though it shouldnt matter, the dixies are one ugly mower, and they look like a cheap homeowner model in comparison to a scag. My area im from is scag country. Most people around here never even heard of dixie chopper, probably because we have lots of hills around here, and they cant sell them i guess.
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